A rational, and emotionally distant female police detective, Mirjana investigates the disappearance of a girl in a region famous for black magic and pagan heritage. Her investigation gradually becomes a journey into a mythical world.

Frost is a modern, dark fairytale based on a Balkan myth. It explores beliefs, tradition, superstition, the psychology of the characters, all this thru a fantasy and thriller genre elements. The main character explores herself, her search is interior as much as it is a crime investigation story. This mixture makes it ideal for making a fresh and exotic art- house fantasy film.

Fantasy elements will be treated and crafted accordingly in the highest cinema standards, the art-house style will be present through framing, sound, camera angles... in the overall treatment of the fantasy content. Therefore Frost will be able to communicate with a wide audience - arthouse film audience and box-office cinema goers, especially with dedicated genre lovers.

We received the support of Media Development Fund as of Eurimages Co-Production Development Fund. In Serbia, we received script and project development support, and production support from Film Center Serbia. Project is currently in the financing phase.


A few years ago, I found a myth about a dragon that chooses a young man as his lover in a remote village. The dragon takes the form of a beautiful girl and visits him every night, giving him an unforgettable love experience. For this young man, this intense relationship disturbs his daily life, he becomes dependent and "drawn" to the dragon. as in any intensive relationship.

The resemblance to an intense, emotional, life-changing love relationship was obvious. The first inspiration for the film came from that, but later on, the story evolved to be a main character's self-discovery journey.

During her investigation, Mirjana goes back from a world of logic to a world of mystical and emotional. What started to be an external investigation ended as a journey inward, her exploration of her trauma and suppressed feelings and sexuality.

The possibility to tell a story about a search for spirituality, a search into the suppressed parts of consciousness, and a deep mythological past through the genre of detective and fantasy film I find very inspiring.

Such a detective investigation that explores our laws of logic, our contemporary outlook, our relationship with nature, religion, the supernatural, and our relationship with ourselves is something that leaves space for a rich and multilayered film.


Pavle Vučković is born in 1982. In Belgrade, Serbia. Finished Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade, film and tv directing department. Twice awarded at the Cinefondation competition of Cannes Film Festival for short films Run Rabbit Run (2003.) and Minus (2007.). Run Rabbit Run was shown in various festivals such as Busan Film Festival, Cottbus Film Festival, Mar del Plata, Kyev, Milano... Film is in the collection of Museum of Modern Art- New York and was shown in Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and in London Tate Modern. Apart short films, he is making music videos, commercials and tv shows.

His first feature film Panama premiered in Cannes Film Festival 2015 Official Selection-Special screenings section. Panama had distribution to more than twelve territories around the world: Germany, UK, South Korea, Japan, Ukraine…



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